The Paradigm Shift

A central plank of Kabbalah is the paradigm shift. Specifically, the distinction between our 'essential essence', i.e. 'who we are' versus the various roles in which we play throughout life, i.e. the 'what we are'.

By this I mean the difference between the 'knower', 'thinker' and 'feeler' on the one hand, and our opinions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings on the other; or the innate capacity for love, connection, meaning and purpose, and our drive to accomplish and make our mark in this world (See below).

The problem is that all too often we get caught up in the 'characters' and lose sight of the 'actor' behind the roles', which then leads to fragmentation, anxiety and internal discord. 

The 'actor' (The performer)

The 'I'

The 'characters' (The roles we play)

The 'Me'

Who we are

What we are

Our authentic, sacred, spiritual self

How we present ourselves

The knower, thinker and feeler

Our opinions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings

Sees life as an experience

Is about acquisition (profession, power, wealth, assets and property)

The relationship builder

Individuality and separation

Looking for connection, love, meaning and purpose

Seeking accomplishments, skills and qualifications

Introspective and reflective

Seeks advancement in arts, sciences, technology and is entrepreneurial



Awareness of the Greater I (beyond self)






Intrinsic Persona (Private Side)

Extrinsic Persona (Public Side)