Colour Therapy

Colour is a non-intrusive, pleasing, versatile and quick acting therapeutic tool. It has a profound effect on all levels, be they physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. Indeed, our colour choices and preferences can reveal much information about ourselves and thus guide us to new and exciting goals.

There is a Kabbalistic component here too, since each of the 12 colours in a traditional artist's colour wheel corresponds to a particular 'tikkun' or healing action that we can focus on. For example, if you choose magenta (red-violet) it may indicate that you need to work on developing your relationships, whilst yellow signifies an opportunity for clearer thinking.

Person-Centred Colour Therapy (PCCT) focuses on the 12 Healing Actions and can help you to dissipate negative feelings and free any blockages, whether they be of a physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual nature. This re-balancing of the body, emotions and thought processes, thereby leaves you feeling happier, more fulfilled, and thus more capable and energized to move forward positively in your life.

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