Soul Dynamics

Soul Dynamics is an integrated therapeutic approach to  psychological and emotional health & well-being, which explores the 10 Principles behind all human experience - 3 of mind (wisdom, understanding and knowledge) and 7 of emotion (kindness, self-discipline, compassion, perseverance, humility, commitment and expression).

We are often not responsible for what happens to us in life and though the triggers of anxiety, stress, anger and depression may indeed lie with external events, circumstances or situations, such as unemployment, a relationship breakdown or even bereavement, the key to resolving them lies less in what happens next, and more in what we do about it, as in how we respond. But all too often we do not exercise this choice and, instead, merely react slavishly, seemingly at the mercy of our emotions.

Importantly, by no means does this mean trivializing or sanitizing the impact of certain traumatic experiences, nor does it mean rationalizing or justifying the behaviour of other people. Instead, Soul Dynamics is about helping individuals become more adept at understanding the dynamic interplay between our thoughts and our emotions so as to maximize our ability to face life's challenges with confidence and fortitude.

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