“Compassion is the feeling of empathy which the pain of


one being of itself awakens in another”


         SAMSON RAPHAEL HIRSCH (1808-1888)


Meditation can help calm the mind, achieve deep relaxation and inner confidence and is generally associated with the process of attaining altered states of consciousness and awareness, demonstrating that we are not synonymous with the contents of our thoughts.

However, from a Kabbalistic perspective it is important not to confuse the means of meditational practices with their ultimate goal, namely to become aware that each and every one of us is really a unique expression of the Life Force that is behind everything that exists in the universe. This being the case, our purpose in life is to realign ourselves with our inner essence, thereby releasing our individual innate potential that too often lies dormant and ignored.

Meditation then is simply a methodology, albeit a very effective one, which if applied appropriately, can help facilitate this process of self-awareness by stripping away the trappings of misdirected ego.

At Tiferet we combine transpersonal psychology together with a variety of Kabbalistic teachings, insights and techniques including guided imagery, affirmations and breathing exercises that can help you enhance your psychological and emotional health & wellbeing and in the process help you foster greater compassion, sensitivity and concern for the other.