The 12 Healing Actions

Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew phrase, which literally means 'repairing the world' and in Kabbalah refers to 12 specific healing actions, which themselves correlate with the 12 colours on a traditional artist's colour wheel. The idea is that by being aware of and then mastering your emotions, reactions and innate abilities, your personal world can be transformed from a mere black and white existence into a more colourful universe - one beyond mere potential, but towards actualization.

 1 Relationship building (Magenta/Red-Violet)

2 Dealing with adversity (Lavender/Pink-Purple)

3 Unravelling potential (Indigo/Dark-Blue)

4 Detoxing stress & anger (Sky-Blue/Light Blue)

5 Achieving success and prosperity (Turquoise/Blue-Green)

6 Finding authentic happiness (Dark-Green)

7 Confronting fear (Olive/Lime-Green)

8 Positive thinking (Yellow)

9 Improving motivation (Gold)

10 Developing self-esteem (Orange)

11 Effective communication skills (Coral/Red-Orange)

12 Goal-setting and achievement (Red)

 The 12 Healing Actions are used in conjunction with Person-Centred Colour Therapy. For more information contact Marvin Shaw at